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Black Myth: Wukong Trainer

Black Myth: Wukong FLing Trainer

Black Myth: Wukong takes players on a thrilling adventure through the rich and mystical world of Chinese mythology. Inspired by the classic epic Journey to the West, this highly-anticipated video game offers a captivating retelling of the legendary tale. Developed by Game Science, a reputable Hangzhou-based studio renowned for their stunning visuals and innovative gameplay mechanics, Black Myth: Wukong is poised to make a grand entrance as China’s first triple-A title.

The game’s remarkable attention to detail extends beyond its captivating visuals. With an atmospheric soundtrack and immersive sound design, players will find themselves fully immersed in Black Myth: Wukong’s mystical world, as every footstep and gust of wind adds to the overall ambience.

Special Notes:

This game uses BattlEye anticheat, you need to run the game without anticheat in order to use trainer.


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2024-07-01 8 MB 3981


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