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Cupid Trainer

Cupid FLing Trainer

In the enchanting world of Cupid, players embark on an extraordinary adventure as a lovable Cupid, determined to restore balance and harmony to the universe. The game, designed specifically for the Game Boy Color, offers a captivating logic puzzle experience filled with heartwarming moments and challenging gameplay.

In the race against time to prevent the encroaching darkness, Cupid’s journey is not only a test of skill and logic but also a testament to the power of love and the importance of connection. Only through unwavering determination and a true understanding of the human heart can Cupid restore the broken Heart and save the universe from an eternal darkness. Will you be the hero that guides Cupid through this extraordinary quest and helps restore love to a world in need?

Special Notes:

This trainer is based on Steam and Epic Store version. It can also work on Windows Store version, but it’s not tested on Windows Store version, so I can’t guarantee all options are compatible.


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