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My Hero One’s Justice 2 Trainer

Bonus for purchasing the previous game, MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE:
– Special customization item set for Izuku Midoriya

The special customization item set for Izuku Midoriya bonus may be released at a later date.

To receive the bonus for purchasing the previous game, you must have save data from MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE.

MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2, the over-the-top follow-up to the smash hit 3D arena fighter MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE, makes its heroic debut! Make full use of characters’ Quirks as you clash head-to-head in epic battles across huge arenas!

15 Options · Game Version: v1.0+ · Last Updated: 2020.03.19


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Power
Num 3 – Max Defense Gauge
Num 4 – Sidekicks No Cooldown
Num 5 – Max Combo
Num 6 – Infinite Jumps
Num 7 – Empty Opponent’s Power
Num 8 – Empty Opponent’s Defense
Num 9 – Opponent Can’t Use Sidekicks
Num 0 – One Hit Kill
Num + – Super Speed
Num – – Slow Motion

Ctrl+Num 1 – Infinite Money
Ctrl+Num 2 – Money Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 3 – Freeze Timer

  1. “Infinite Money” takes effect after winning a battle.

2020.03.19: Fixed the problem where “Infinite Power” causes the game crash when dashing after attack; Added “Freeze Timer” option.


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