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Quantum Error Trainer

Quantum Error FLing Trainer

Quantum Error is an intense and immersive video game that combines the adrenaline-pumping action of a first-person shooter with the chilling and mind-bending elements of cosmic horror. Set in the mysterious Monad Quantum Research Facility, located 30 miles off the shore of California, players are thrust into a desperate situation when the facility comes under attack by an unknown entity.

Initially, your mission seems straightforward: save as many lives as possible and escape the burning complex. However, as you arrive at the facility, it becomes clear that things are not as they first appeared. The rescue mission quickly descends into darkness and uncertainty as the true nature of the unknown entity that attacked the facility is revealed.

Special Notes:

This trainer is based on Steam and Epic Store version. It can also work on Windows Store version, but it’s not tested on Windows Store version, so I can’t guarantee all options are compatible.


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