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Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster Trainer

Reawaken your inner demon in a modernized version of the acclaimed ATLUS classic, Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster.

What begins as a normal day in Tokyo turns out to be everything but, when the Conception—an ethereal apocalypse—is invoked. The remains of the world are swallowed by chaos, as a demonic revolution descends into a broken city. Caught between a battle of Gods and demons, the choices you make can bring life, rebirth, or death, and determine who triumphs.

18 Options · Game Version: v1.0+ · Last Updated: 2021.05.23


Num 1 – Infinite HP
Num 2 – Infinite MP
Num 3 – Stealth Mode/No Random Encounter
Num 4 – Edit Money
Num 5 – Money Multiplier
Num 6 – Obtain All Items
Num 7 – Obtain All Gems
Num 8 – Obtain All Magatamas
Num 9 – Infinite Exp
Num 0 – Exp Multiplier
Num . – Set Game Speed
Num + – Super Damage/One Hit Kill

Edit Character/Demon Stats

Ctrl+Num 1 – Edit Str
Ctrl+Num 2 – Edit Mag
Ctrl+Num 3 – Edit Vit
Ctrl+Num 4 – Edit Agi
Ctrl+Num 5 – Edit Luc
Ctrl+Num 6 – Reset Exp & Level

  1. “Infinite Exp”: Note after you reached max level, if you equipped a new magatama, you may need to use “Reset Exp & Level” option to reset your level, otherwise you won’t be able to learn new skills. The same goes for demons, when they evolve, you’ll need to reset their level in order to learn new skills.
  2. Edit Character/Demon Stats: Enter a character/demon’s stats menu, activate editor options to edit stats or reset exp & level.
  3. “Reset Exp & Level”: Resets your character/demon’s level to the starting level (demons have various starting level, may not be level 1).

2021.05.23: Added “Super Damage/One Hit Kill” option; Updated “Reset Exp & Level” option to properly reset demon’s level to their starting level instead of level 1.


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