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Spelunky 2 Trainer

Spelunky returns in this greatly-expanded sequel to the original roguelike platformer! Meet the next generation of explorers as they find themselves on the Moon, searching for treasure and missing family. Spelunky 2 builds upon the unique, randomized challenges that made the original a classic, offering a huge adventure designed to satisfy players old and new.

Spelunky 2’s world is even denser than the one in the original game, offering many more areas, characters, traps, and items, as well as new ways to interact with them (and for them to interact with each other). The world has expanded in other ways, too, with branching paths and multi-layered levels adding a third dimension to the classic 2d platforming. Animals can also be tamed and ridden. And dynamic liquid physics create new challenges and make the world feel extra reactive and alive.

11 Options · Game Version: v1.10-v1.19.7+ · Last Updated: 2020.12.15


Num 1 – God Mode/Ignore Hit
Num 2 – Infinite Health
Num 3 – Infinite Bombs
Num 4 – Infinite Ropes
Num 5 – Set Game Speed
Num 6 – Set Move Speed
Num 7 – Super Jump
Num 8 – Freeze Mission Timer
Num 0 – One Hit Kill

Ctrl+Num 1 – Add Money
Ctrl+Num 2 – Money Multiplier


2020.12.15: Update for v1.19.7 game version.
2020.10.24: Update for v1.14.0 game version.
2020.10.18: Update for v1.12.1e game version.


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