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Paranoid Trainer

Paranoid FLing Trainer

In Paranoid, players embark on a bone-chilling horror adventure as they step into the shoes of Patrick Calman, a tormented man living in complete isolation from the outside world. Haunted by the tragic loss of his parents in a gruesome manner and plagued by the mysterious disappearance of his beloved sister over a decade ago, Patrick’s psyche is teetering on the edge of sanity.

Just when Patrick resigns himself to a life of seclusion, a shocking phone call shatters his fragile reality. The voice on the other end of the line sends shivers down Patrick’s spine, for it belongs to his long-lost sister, the only remaining member of his family. Against all odds, she announces her imminent return, years after her inexplicable disappearance.

Special Notes:

This trainer requires MOD “Performance Booster and Plugin Extender” to bypass crc memory check/anti tamper in the game.


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2023-10-01 1 MB 6394


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